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Radial Engineering JD-7

The JD-7 is currently the best tool available for re-amping a track or splitting one instrument (or line level) signal into multiple (up to seven) outputs. Usually I would wait until the end of a review to get to the conclusion, but the JD-7 is such a great box (and excellent value) that I couldn’t help myself. First of all,… Read more →

M-Audio Tampa Preamp/Compressor

Richard Alan Salz M-Audio Tampa Microphone/Instrument Preamp and Compressor Ah, Tampa! Just the word conjures up visions of sunny beaches, and (somewhat) surfable waves. M-Audio would prefer however, that the word Tampa should instead call to mind their newly designed preamp/compressor! Does this silicon and steel Tampa measure up to its eminently pleasurable namesake? Looking at the Tampa from… Read more →

Focusrite Platinum Trakmaster Channelstrip

Many recordists with personal-studio-level consoles are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting a signal to tape (or hard drive) unscathed because of the typically inferior quality of budget consoles’ microphone preamplifiers. Even the mic preamps found in some top-notch consoles leave a lot to be desired. Add to that the frequent need to equalize and provide dynamics… Read more →

Roger Linn Adrenalinn Stompbox/Effects Unit

A studio full of equipment in a 5”x7” box Adding to a long legacy of groundbreaking products that included the Linndrum, LM-1, Linn 9000, and the MRC series of production drumstations designed in conjunction with Akai, Roger Linn has now developed the Adrenalinn. The first question that everybody always has about the Adrenalinn is, what is it? The Adrenalinn is… Read more →