Category: Studio Monitor Reviews

Fostex PM0.3 Studio Monitors

Okay, so the first question has to be: is the Fostex PM0.3 really a studio monitor or is it just a glorified computer speaker? A fair question to ask, no doubt due to their size and relatively low cost. If these were from an untested manufacturer there would certainly be cause for suspicion, but the operative name here is Fostex!… Read more →

TAD TSM-300 Studio Monitor

Almost everybody who has been around the studio business for a while is familiar with Technical Audio Devices (TAD) which is the professional division of Pioneer Electronics. Historically, TAD has made both drivers (their 4001 compression driver is a staple in the large soffit mounted monitor world) and finished speaker systems. Historically as well TAD’s products have been priced well… Read more →

KRK ST8 Studio Monitor

Bucking the trend toward powered speakers, KRK has introduced the ST8 and ST6 passive monitors. The company suggests choosing these monitors as replacements for aging passive speakers. However, the freedom they give you to choose your own power amplifier might be reason enough for considering passive monitors, regardless of your current monitoring situation. The ST8 provides a taste of high-end… Read more →