Upcoming Reverb Review

by Erika Ishkanian –

It’s our opinion that after compression, reverb is the most important mixing tool that there is.

With that in mind, we are embarking on a hybrid comparative review which will look at the best and brightest in algorithmic, convolution, and emulative (recreation and/or homage) plug-ins, as well as hardware reverbs available today.

We have chosen plug-ins that do not require the use of dedicated hardware interface (or expansion card), which means that some otherwise worthy participants won’t be a part of this review.

While this list might grow, here’s what’s currently lined up for testing:

LiquidSonics – Seventh Heaven Professional (an homage to the Bricasti M7)

HOFA IQ-Reverb – An excellent convolution reverb (previously reviewed in The Audio Magazine)

Eventide – SP2016 – A recreation of Eventide’s venerable early digital reverb

Eventide – UltraReverb – Eventide’s latest and greatest reverb plug-in

Reverb Foundry HD Cart – (an interpretation of the Lexicon 480 reverb)

Sonnox Reverb Native – A great reverb from the folks that developed the Sony Oxford console

Testing will be conducted in a hybrid setup (both analog and digital) which will compare results using plug-ins “in the box” and as aux send traditional effects when interfaced to our console.

This review will be PC-only, but we will be using Pro Tools Ultimate 12 and Magix Sequoia 14 as our hosts.

We are expecting additional participants (both hardware and software).

Watch this space for updated details.