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Upcoming Reverb Review

by Erika Ishkanian – It’s our opinion that after compression, reverb is the most important mixing tool that there is. With that in mind, we are embarking on a hybrid comparative review which will look at the best and brightest in algorithmic, convolution, and emulative (recreation and/or homage) plug-ins, as well as hardware reverbs available today. We have chosen plug-ins… Read more →

Hofa IQ-Series Reverb

Hofa IQ-Series Reverb (   If you have followed our reviews over the years, you will know that we are big reverb fans. Perhaps it’s a natural phenomenon related to growing up in the 1980’s, but reverb (next to compression) is something that is simply indispensable in the pantheon of mix tools. For that matter, most vocalists would feel pretty… Read more →

Reason 10 Has Been Released!

The beta tests are now over and Reason 10 is available. We checked out the beta, and the improvements were many! New sounds and new gear pave the way for new music, and Reason 10 is here with a rackload of new synths, instruments, samples and more. Grain and Europa: two massive, brand new synthesizers. Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World… Read more →

Akai MPD16 USB Percussion Pad Controller

There’s something about an Akai MPC sampler/sequencer/workstation that is conducive to making great programmed drum tracks. I know that’s not exactly a newsflash, but it’s no coincidence that almost everyone who is anyone in the urban music scene uses an MPC for at least some of the rhythm programming duties. To my way of thinking, it’s at least partially due… Read more →