AES NYC 2018

AES NEW YORK 2018 145th International Pro Audio Convention Exhibits: October 17-19 / Program: October 17-20 We will be there for the show, and look forward to meeting with both exhibitors and readers! In the meantime, here is a list of exhibitors who will be at the show: 1602 Group Accusonus Inc Acoustics First Corporation Acusticaudio SRL AEA Ribbon Mics… Read more →

Hofa IQ-Series Reverb

Hofa IQ-Series Reverb (   If you have followed our reviews over the years, you will know that we are big reverb fans. Perhaps it’s a natural phenomenon related to growing up in the 1980’s, but reverb (next to compression) is something that is simply indispensable in the pantheon of mix tools. For that matter, most vocalists would feel pretty… Read more →

Large Format Insanity!

Lightning DOES strike twice!   The DDA was (finally) completed, when the shipping company did this:   Approximately 250lbs right smack dab on the console. Nice, right? Hence, the search for a new console goes ON…..   After an unpleasant two years struggling with a seemingly possessed Otari Status 18R, it’s time to introduce a soon to be arriving addition… Read more →

The Razer Phone

Sure it’s big and heavy…just like a 24 track 2″ tape machine that you can carry in your pocket! The fact that the Razer phone is both larger and thicker than most all other Android phones should not be viewed as a negative. It’s bigger and thicker because it has a bigger battery, better audio and better video than any… Read more →