What do you do when your MCI JH24 is sick?

Well, first you break out the manual and try and figure out what is wrong, and then you reach out to Mara Machines! While Mara Machines (www.maramachines.com) is well known for providing completely rebuilt MCI stereo and multitrack machines, they also have introduced a new line of replacement transport cards for your JH series tape machine. In the coming months,… Read more →

Upcoming Reverb Review

by Erika Ishkanian – It’s our opinion that after compression, reverb is the most important mixing tool that there is. With that in mind, we are embarking on a hybrid comparative review which will look at the best and brightest in algorithmic, convolution, and emulative (recreation and/or homage) plug-ins, as well as hardware reverbs available today. We have chosen plug-ins… Read more →

Fostex PM0.3 Studio Monitors

Okay, so the first question has to be: is the Fostex PM0.3 really a studio monitor or is it just a glorified computer speaker? A fair question to ask, no doubt due to their size and relatively low cost. If these were from an untested manufacturer there would certainly be cause for suspicion, but the operative name here is Fostex!… Read more →

Mooer Phaser Player Pedal

by Erika Ishkanian The Mooer Phaser Player is a really unique spin on the venerable phaser. Unlike any other phaser that we’ve used, the Mooer Phaser offers three selectable phaser sounds, and three modes of activation: 1. Footswitch touch to activate momentarily 2. Conventional on/off activation using footswitch 3. Hybrid mode offering both of the above operational modes The phaser… Read more →