Upcoming Drum Head Shootout!

20160125_180743Wondering which drum heads to put on your studio kit? The truth is that there is no universal head that will suit every drum on every project. In this upcoming shootout, we will try a variety of heads on a variety of drums! Here are the kits we will be using: 1968 Ludwig Super Classic (22,16,13,12) 1992 Ludwig Super Classic (22,18,16,13,10,8) 2014 Premier Series Elite Maple (26,18,16,14,12,10,8) 1995 GMS CL Series (22,16,13,12) 2013 Mapex Saturn Maple/Walnut (18,14,12)   Here are the snares we will be using: 1960 Ludwig Super Brass 5.5x14 1985 Ludwig Acrolite 5x5x14 Ayotte Keplinger Stainless Steel with wood hoops 6.5x14 Ayotte Maple Snare 4x14 Noble & Cooley solid shell maple 5.5x14 Ddrum Mike Marsh Cast Steel 6.5x14 1995 GMS CL Series Maple 5.5x14   We will try¬† a variety of heads looking to find the very best combinations of heads for each kit/snare for specific applications. Watch this space for all the details!