Effects Pedal Kits – From Start to Finish!

I fondly recall the experience of building a fuzz box back when I was 13 years old (definitely a bit of time has elapsed since then) and just starting to play guitar. It was a BNB Electronics “Fuzzy.” Crude by today’s standards, it came in a plastic box and didn’t even have a footswitch. I think that I might have the circuit board somewhere that I saved after the plastic box shattered.


In the 30 odd years since then, it’s clear that the DIY pedal market has changed in a good way. Modern designs have true bypass switching, top shelf parts, and seem to encompass a much more boutique approach to pedals compared to the mass market.


In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of going from box of parts to finished product!


Here are the first three manufacturer’s units that we will be building up:


First up is American manufacturer 4ms (website is http://www.4mspedals.com).

We will be building the Mini Noise Swash pedal kit. (http://www.4mspedals.com/miniswash-kit.php) This thing looks totally demented…in a good way!

Here is what it looked like out of the shipping container:


From the UK, we have Jed’s Peds (website is http://www.jedspeds.co.uk) who have provided the Ritual Fuzz kit (http://www.jedspeds.co.uk/_p/prd1/4535181171/product/ritual-fuzz-pcb-kit)

Here is what it looked like out of the shipping container:




Next up is Das Musikding from Germany (website is http://www.musikding.de). They were kind enough to send along two kits The Muff Triangle (http://www.musikding.de/Der-Muff-Triangle-Distortion-kit) and The Sentient Machine (http://www.musikding.de/Sentient-Machine-Lowpass-Filter-kit)

Here is what they looked like out of the shipping container:


Check back soon to see the builds!