Upcoming Drum Head Shootout!

Wondering which drum heads to put on your studio kit? The truth is that there is no universal head that will suit every drum on every project. In this upcoming shootout, we will try a variety of heads on a variety of drums! Here are the kits we will be using: 1968 Ludwig Super Classic (22,16,13,12) 1992 Ludwig Super Classic… Read more →

2015 Saratoga Jazz Festival – 38thAnnual Freihofer’s

What do you call a jazz festival that is already well into its third decade that takes place in upstate New York? An easier question will not be asked today, it’s the Saratoga Jazz Festival naturally! Bringing some of the top acts in traditional and more modern jazz/fusion/funk to the Capitol Region, this year’s (the 38th) Jazz Festival was once… Read more →

Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp

Though it is only one half rack width, the VTB-1 from manufacturer Studio Projects is not what you would call a minimalist’s design, for it includes a variety of features that is almost unmatched in the marketplace, much less at its price point. Like other Studio Projects equipment, it is built in China, though designed in the US of A.… Read more →