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Large Format Insanity!

After an unpleasant two years struggling with a seemingly possessed Otari Status 18R, it’s time to introduce a soon to be arriving addition to the studio! Measuring smack dab between a Smart fortwo and a Fiat 500 in length, the DDA AMR24 is an old school split style console which is still well regarded among 80’s and 90’s recording engineers.… Read more →

TL Audio VTC Mixing Console

Let’s say you had a really tough problem, you had somewhere between twenty-five and forty thousand dollars to spend on a console. Only, you didn’t want to buy a used console because you were afraid of the potential maintenance headaches. You could spend thousands of dollars on replacement parts or days and days recapping it. Not for you. You knew… Read more →

Midas XL8 Digital Console

Unveiled to the world press at the recent Pro Light + Sound at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, the Midas XL8 represents yet another large step in the maturation of the live sound digital console. With layout cues, sonic attributes and microphone preamps evolved directly from Midas’ universally lauded analog consoles, the XL8 has the potential to take the high-end live… Read more →

Yamaha MG124cx Console Review

Let me be honest, I love high-end and boutique electronics. Show me something with ¼” anodized aluminium faceplates or polished rosewood sides and I’ll be a happy guy. On the other hand, while those aspects of big ticket products are nice, they’re hardly necessary for functionality and there’s truly nothing worse than a product that’s all show and no go… Read more →