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Okay, you’re wondering “what is an analog-audio Kuhn?” Actually, it’s not a “what-is” it’s a “who-is!” Analog-audio Kuhn is Mr. Andreas Kuhn, and he is likely the very best person in the world, when it comes to servicing your Studer and Studer/Revox gear. That sounds like a broad claim, I know, but hear me out for a moment… Studer analog tape machines (and other associated gear) have been in service since the time of the Beatles and until fairly recently were serviced by Studer themselves, and their representatives, world-wide. With Harman’s acquisition of Studer some time ago, analog became quite the unloved stepchild. The Studer organization (in Switzerland) made the decision to finally abandon their legacy analog products.

This is where Andreas Kuhn steps into the picture. A trained engineer, he stocks the rarest, most wanted parts for Studer machines like the C37, A62, and B62, moreover they purchased all of the Studer factory technical documents. That would make him no more than a parts and data warehouse, were it not for his dedication to the art and science of restoring vintage Studer analog gear to new (or better than new) standards. In his fully outfitted workshop (or at client’s sites, worldwide) Mr. Kuhn can restore your old standby (or new ebay or craigslist purchase) literally to perfection!

In an industry where quality is often an afterthought, analog-audio Kuhn is a different kind of company. Although analog-audio Kuhn does maintain the widest possible stock of replacement parts, there are some items (especially mechanical parts) that are simply not available. For other service companies, this could very well be “game over!” Not so for analog-audio Kuhn! Since they maintain ALL of the original Studer factory drawings and technical information for analog Studer gear, they can actually machine parts that haven’t been produced in decades!

Whether your equipment is non-functional, and you want to see about having it brought back to life, or you want to extract the maximum fidelity and reliability possible, analog-audio Kuhn is THE worldwide source for analog Studer gear!

Highly recommended!

Analog-Consulting Kuhn

Studer Professional Audio Legacy Services
(Mitglied im Verband Deutscher Tonmeister VDT.)
Zelglistrasse 10, CH-3608 Thun

Please note that although the above website is in German, an English brochure for analog-audio Kuhn is available on the site. Additionally, Mr. Kuhn speaks fluent English, so USA/UK/Canadian clients will have no difficulty dealing with analog-audio Kuhn!