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Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 Optical Compressor

In my opinion it’s really simple to describe what a good compressor sounds like. A good compressor sounds just like what you put into it, only bigger. Compressors that are not so good, make things sound smaller, or rougher, distorted, or brittle, dull, or uninteresting. Feel free to pick one or more. Of course, sometimes that’s just what you want… Read more →

Radial Engineering JD-7

The JD-7 is currently the best tool available for re-amping a track or splitting one instrument (or line level) signal into multiple (up to seven) outputs. Usually I would wait until the end of a review to get to the conclusion, but the JD-7 is such a great box (and excellent value) that I couldn’t help myself. First of all,… Read more →